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Hitting the City

Today was our exploration day of the city of Athens, Toros started us off with a healthy breakfast of eggs, cheese and tomatoes and pistachio butter to top it off. We walked down to the hop-on-hop-off bus stop and toured the city on the bus ending at the Plaka, from there we had a beautiful seafood lunch and walked around the city until it was time to go to the Hammam Turkish baths. Started the baths with a relaxing tea on the roof top and then went to be sacrificed in a 55 degree spa. After the Turkish baths we walked down to the city centre and on the way we stopped at Dr Fish and Suzie & Toros had fish pedicures, this was the beginning of the end...😬 After they had all the dead skin eaten off their feet we stopped for a snack and a drink and then caught a taxi back to the apartment. Sue on the hop on hop off

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